Klan Women

Women of the Ku Klux Klan is a White Women’s organization. This does not mean that we are enemies of the colored races. But we do wish to remain separate as the Bible says.
(Exodus 33:16 ) Women of the Ku Klux Klan is an American organization. We do restrict membership to native born American Citizens. The records show that recently the immigrants that are flooding our country ; come here not because of any love of America. But only to serve their own interests and Country from which they came.Most aliens send their wages back home to help there families. Which truly hurts the American economy. In their hearts there is still the tie which binds them to there home land.Unlike the flood of immigrants that’s built America. Which were White European immigrants. Who when they got here learned English and the American way.

We are also Christian organization and believe a good Christian home is the best way to teach our children; to have good morals and to respect the laws of nature. We can say to the world without apology that our forefathers founded this as a Christian nation.That is the purpose of the K.K.K to re-establish and maintain it as such. A white Christian country for God, Race and Nation.As the old saying goes behind any man stands a good woman. It is the duty of all white Christian women.

To raise their children and family in a good safe and clean christian household. It was a woman who gave the American Nation it’s flag. There are also many women of the Revolutionary period. Who stand out clearly in history ; as great Patriots and lovers of this great nation.Membership in this order can not be bought. To become a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. A citizen of the Invisible Empire you must be a white woman of DEPENDABLE CHARACTER; that when you assume your OATH you will keep it with steadfastness and courage and always Honor your OATH.White Women The Time Is Now to stand up for what you believe in. Our race and nation is in your hands. Remember your white today because your ancestors practiced racial segregation yesterday.
KU KLUX KLAN 100% AMERICANISM Loyal White Knights Of The KKK!
Today we are the women who do the work in the background.
We are proud to be Loyal White Knights.

Ladies of the Invisible Empire
​In the first Era Klan of the 1860’s women were not allowed to be full members of the KKK. Due to some of the anti klan laws passed by the government. Plus most of the laws passed during the Reconsruction era were anti white and anti christian.They were harsh laws to make slaves of any white who refused to bow to the north. In the end 86% of the Confederate Army joined the Ku Klux Klan. But behind every white man lies a good white woman. So when the Klan was born in 1865 we had women who stayed in the back ground. They new who the male members were but refused to talk they made the robes and hoods. And kept secret who they were making them for but knew it was for a good cause to save the South from Northern aggression.
The Women of the Ku Klux Klan was founded in Little Rock Arkansas June 2nd 1923. First Imperial Commander Lulu Markwell was also President of the (WCTU) Womans Christian Temperance Union. By the end of 1923 the W.K.K.K. had well over 250,000 women in at least 48 states. After Markewll’s resignation in June 1924, Robbie Gill the W.K.K.K’s Imperial Kligrapp took over as the groups leader.
A year later Robbie Gill married Arkansas Grand Dragon who was also the Klan’s lawyer James A. Comer. Mr. Comer was the one who got the Imperial Office to grant the first Woman’s Charter to found the W.K.K.K.. The Womans Klan also lead to other groups such as the Ladies of the Invisible Empire(L.O.T.I.E.) and White American Protestants (W.A.P.) These great women went out and fought for equal rights for women in America.
If it was not for these women and Robbie Gill Commer they would not have got the right to vote or equal rights to join the male work force. They also helped start many orphanages in the U.S. a long with taking up donations to feed needy children. They helped start many old folks homes in which the elderly were better took care of.
The Women of the Ku Klux Klan only required that its members only be white Christians and believe in God’s law of racial separation. To bring up their children in pro christian households. They would help the men’s Klan set up rallies and other events they also held some of the biggest Klan Rallies just for women in the state of Virginia and were real effective in Northern states.