This is questions and answers for Probates and Loyal White Knight Members ONLY. This will not answer any thing for you if you are in ANOTHER KLAN . Please ask your Leaders.Q. How do I become a member?A. Simply print an application off our website and fill out the online pre-application. Or request for one to be mailed to you. Contact us page with your information or National Hotline 336-432-0386 .

Q. What should I expect after sending in an application?
​A. We will contact you back and have the Probate oath administered to you. We will also have an information packet sent out to you with a probate handbook, DVD, Flier, Klan Cards, Imperial Passport and much more. Please allow the snail mail to get to us and back to you. May take up to two or three weeks. Depends on what state you live.

Q.Why do I have to pay a application fee and dues?
A. There is a one time $20.00 application fee it pays for your packet and also your back ground check. Dues are $10.00 a month or $15.00 a couple. The Youth group is a one time fee $10.00. Youth Dues are $5.00 a month. The dues are to help keep the Loyal White Knights running , websites , chatroom, klan klass , mail , paper , ink , stamps , rallies , other events and much more.

Q. I have a criminal Background can I still Join?
​A. Depends…. We run background checks on all new members before accepting their application. If You are a SEX OFFENDER, You will NOT be eligible for citizenship in the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan!(We are not a Hit squad or vigilante group and are NOT looking for trouble makers. We are a Law abiding Christian Organization who holds up the principles of 100% pure Americanism. Just as the Klan was during the second era which we base our rituals and KlanKraft off of.)

Q. How long does the probation period last? And why do you do it?
A. generally the probate period usually last for about 6 months. It gives us time to get to know you and for you to get to know us and the ways of the Klan. Being a Klansman or Klanswoman (L.O.T.I.E) is a tough lifestyle to Live with high morals in this day and time and it is not fit for everyone!

Q. What is being naturalized?
A. Being Naturalized is the ritual ceremony in becoming a Citizen of the Invisible Empire. Before being Naturalized, You under go a probate period for us to see if you are fit for citizenship in This great order. See above for info on Probate period.

Q. Do you beat me up before being naturalized and or is it an unpleasant experience?
​A. No! Being naturalized is a joyful experience. That’s about all I can say about the Naturalization ceremony but it is a great honor for a White man or woman to become a citizen of the Invisible Empire. KLANSMAN is the Highest title among white men!

Q. When can I order my robe?
A. After your probate period is over. You can order a Robe from the National Office. All Robes are $130.00 with everything. If you are a klan member under another klan group you can get a Robe from us. We will call the Klan Your With To Make sure you are a member.

Q. Does Rallies Cost anything to me if I come?
A. The rally are 100% free to all members and klan friends.

Q. Do I have to come to a rally if I am a member?
A. Yes you will have to make a Rally near you. You have to come to a event to get your Naturalization ceremony done. You have to come at least once a year to keep membership active. You are welcome to attend all of the rallies if you want.

Q. What is a Meet and Greet that you have posted on website.
​A. A meet and greet is all most like a klan rally but with out the cross-lighting. It is a meeting with dinner plus it is a better enviroment to introuduce new rules and members a more laid back enviroment.

Q. Can I come and bring my family to a rally or meet and greet?
A. Yes all supporters and members are welcome to come and bring there family and friends. The rallies are like a back yard BBQ. Just all whites there. A Klan Rally is the only place in America where like minded people can come together.You will learn about the true history of the Klan and not the government controlled medias non sense.

Q. Can I not join but be a supporter and help.
A. Yes you can be a supporter and send donations and attend rallies.

Q. Can my kids join and come to the rallies.
​A. Yes , All white children are allowed to join if they are 13 to 17. If a child comes to the rally must have someone 18 with you.

Q. Can I bring my gun to a rally or meet and greet.
A. Yes , We have members that are assigned to protect you at all of our events.

Q.What is Klan Klass?
A. Klan Klass is a member thing only. Once a pro-bate member you will get a number and code.

Q. What is the Chat Room Site?
​A. The chatroom is were most members and pro-bates have a profile like facebook. You can go to the chatroom and can talk to members and probates from all over the USA. PLEASE READ THE CHATROOM WEBPAGE FOR MORE UNDERSTANDING AND RULES.

Q. Were and Who do I mail my application too?
A. You will mail in a signed copy of your application to Amanda Barker Mailing Address is Po Box 54, Pelham , NC 27311. What do I do after I send in application.A. Please call us or email us in 5 days after mailing your application. We can check and make sure that we got it. While you are waiting on us to get your application. Please sign up for the ChatSite.

Q. When I can get my Klan Books.
A. You will get a probate handbook. Once you make it through your 6 months you will be able to order your klan books.

Q. What is Knight Riding ?
A. All members will put out fliers from the website and put them out at night. We call this act Knight Riding. We will post a National Knight Ride. It is for all members in different states to do it same time. Probates are to do Knight Rides To. Knight Rides help gets members in your area to join the klan. If you do not have printer , We will mail you out some fliers.

Q. What if i have non-whites on my facebook?
A. If you are really worried about saving your own race you should not have any non-whites on your facebook. No Loyal White Knights Members are to have non-white on Facebook.

Q. Will I ever be asked by the Loyal White Knights to do anything unlawful?
A. NO, As stated above we are a law abiding Christian Organization.

Q. After Joining WHO do I contact?
A. You will be placed in your state leaders care. You will contact for your needs and questions. You will need to check in with the National office the contact information will be gave to you after we get your application.

Q. Do I have to check in with you after I join.
A. Yes you have to stay in contact with your state leader and national office. You can call, email, or get in the chatsite or klan klass.

Q. What happens if I go to jail for some reason. What happens to my membership?
​A. You will need to talk to your state leaders and get them contact state office. It will depend on what the case may be. If it is for Drugs , Rape , Robbery. You will be terminated from the Loyal White Knights. You are to return all of your Loyal White Knight items( membership card , patch and books.)

Q. If I am a member can I talk to other klans.
​A. It has to be approved by state leader to make sure you are not talking to the fakes, trouble makers and etc.

Q. If a member can I go to other klan rallies?
A. It has to be approved by state leader to go.

Q. What happens if I can’t get a hold of my state leaders?
​A. You will need to email National Office at Contact Us page or call them 336-432-0386. If you have your leaders contact number and email. Please call leave a message and wait. If no callback with in a day email them , Let them know what you are needing or questions. Make sure you have your phone number in your email and message. Please be patient with them , They have alot of duties and members to manage.

Q. I seen that you all match in a uniform shirt. How do I get one.
A. Once a probate you can get your uniform shirt ready. We send your member patch to you for free in packet. You are to get a $10.00 (Walmart) button up black shirt. You are to contact state leader to get help to get the rest of patches and where they go on.

Q. Where do I wear my uniform?A. You will wear it at all Rallies and Meet and Greets unless told other wise.Q. If I am a member and I hit hard times with family or job issues. What can I do to get my life back together?
​A. Talk to your state leader on what is going on , We may be able to help! Well if you need to take a few months off it is okay only if you have talked to your state leader about it. We will put you on Silent 13 till your issues are resolved. Your membership will still be in good standing. You will pick back up where you left off.

Q. See, I wanna join and support the Klan, But I am scared so and so will find out, I am also scared I will loose my job.
​A. Being a member of the Ku Klux Klan hence the name Invisible Empire, Your membership is as secretive as you want it to be! The only people that will know that you are Klan are the ones you tell! And as far as loosing your Job for your beliefs, That goes against the first amendment which is Freedom of speech! If you lose a job because your employer finds out you are Klan, Then my friend you got a heck of a lawsuit!

​Q. Why should I become a member of the KKK?
A. Why do Negros become members of the NAACP, Black panthers? Why do Mexicans Join La-raza? Why do Jews Join the JDL,ADL & SPLC? To organize against whites that’s why! What makes you think it is OK for everyone else to organize for their people but it is wrong for whites? You should join the Klan because it is the oldest organization standing up for the rights of white Americans! We are the only organization that stands for White Christians and the constitution as it was originally written. As long as we have existed, We have never watered down our image to fit the approval of the enemy of our race like many groups have! We will never apologize for being White!

Q. Is the Loyal White Knights of the KKK active?
A. Yes we are the most active klan in the USA. We do not hide in the woods like most. We are on the streets and fighting for our freedoms and equal rights for whites.

Q. I am not a member or supporter can I get help from the Loyal White Knights?
​A. Depends ( We mostly take care of our Members) But if there is a problem you can always ask.

Q. I am a member and I have a problem who do I talk to?
A. You must contact your state leaders to contact the National Office to see how we will help with the issues.

Q. I am only 15 and really want to join will you tell my mom and dad?
A. No , We will not tell anyone about your membership. You must be in contact on phone , email , chat and youth klass.

Q. Do you Hate everyone that is not white?
A. No , We do not hate anyone we would like to be with our own kind as God’s Laws State. You can not be a Klansmen Or L.O.T.I.E with HATE in your Heart. All races have a homeland where their race can multiply Africa for blacks Mexicans have Mexico. Jews have stole Israel for their homeland. Arabs have the Middle East etc etc. The White Race used to have Europe and the U.S. now we have no white homelands to call our own. A place where our people can multiply and bring forth a next generation of whites.The government controlled media even says that by 2050 our race will be extinct. The choice is yours save our land join the KLAN.