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IF YOU ARE A PURELY WHITE AMERICAN- IF YOU ARE AGAINST COMMUNIST – INSPIRED RACE MIXING – IF YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT – JOIN TODAY! Call 336-432-0386 If you are a native- born white American Citizen, 18 years or older White person of temperate habits, of Christian Faith, and believe in White Supremacy and 100% Americanism please fill in below.                                     


Please print this application off and please fill out the information below. 

So we can contact you while we are waiting on application.  Looking forward in speaking with you soon. `If you need a application mailed to you please contact me at the contact us page. 

Please Join us on Mondays 8 PM EST  the KKK Radio Show. We would love to hear from you. 

If you do not mail application off to P.O. Box 54 , Pelham , NC, 27311.  

You are not a valid member till application is Received.

Please print off application below.

Thank you.